Garden Progress

My garden is growing……..

Even some things that I didn’t plant!  These are marigolds that seeded from last year.  A very pleasant surprise. 

My parsley is doing great. 

These are my brussels sprouts.  I’m not sure if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing or not.  This is the 1st time I have tried to grow these.  But, I think they are still alive.

The peas are looking great.  They have a few blooms on them.  I just left the marigolds to grow right along with them.  My thumb isn’t green enough to pull anything that is growing voluntarily.  

Just 3 little rows of peas.


I have a few tomato plants and some basil growing together.  I heard that the basil will flavor the tomatoes.

We will just see about that.

We have been eating and enjoying the lettuce and radishes.  YUM!!

Here are some close up pictures of the lettuce and radishes.


 Big Ran loves the strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!


 Kennedy likes to help me in the garden. 

 She said to me the other day, “Grammy, I think we should plant some pizza!” 

I told her that pizza grows at Caseys!!



More later………………….Sally 

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