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Wedding Bathroom Baskets


I did this for my other daughters wedding and it went over very well until my son, Nic came out of the Men’s room with his pockets full and said, “Hey Mom, look at all the great stuff I found in the bathroom!”.

These are “bathroom baskets“.

One is for the Women’s Bathroom and the other is for the Men’s bathroom.

I gathered the sample size stuff from Wal-Mart and Target.

You know, the stuff you might need if something crazy was to happen.

Inside the women’s basket I put deodorant – body spray – tampons – pads – baby powder – lotion – Listerine breath strips  –  Tide to go – baby powder – hairspray – hairbrush – bobby pins – lint roller – static guard – Advil and a first aid kit.


Inside the Men’s basket I put deodorant – body spray – lotion – Tide to go –  Listerine breath strips –  Static guard –  lint roller –  Advil – first aid kit and Gold Bond powder. 

I am going to make signs for these baskets that read:

So happy you’re here to share in our special day,

But should something happen to go astray,

Please help yourself to the contents within.


Take only what you need and leave the rest,

It may be useful to another guest,

Then hurry on back and join in the fun!


That one is for you Aunt Marilyn.


I think that it is all coming together.


More later……………….Sally 

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