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Easter 2011

 Everyone had a great time on Easter at Mom’s this year.

This silverware is a family heirloom.

I will do a whole post on it at a later date. 

Mom made a beautiful table.

The blue and white dishes with the lace tablecloth and the cobalt blue glasses was just perfect. 

Isn’t is gorgeous?!

Dad used to collect the cobalt glass.

He would have really loved this table.

Big Ran and Grandma Stroup enjoying everyone’s company.

I just love this cabbage bowl.

I made the Ramon Noodle salad in it.


Happy 1st Easter to Grammy’s little man!!

Just a little bit of posing for the camera. 

The big hunt!

Then the Easter Baskets came out!

And the grand finale, the bunny cake.  

What a tiring day…………….

Kennedy fell asleep while coloring.

And here is her mom, watching her.

I hope every one had a great Easter celebration.

He is Risen!!!! 



More later…………………Sally 

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