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My Son – The Football Player


My son, Nic called from college last Friday and said, “You might want to get a St Joe Newspress a reporter interviewed me after practice last night and I could be in there!”

So, of course, I ran out and got a paper.

Here it is. 

Coach Partridge said seniors Nic Burrell, Cody Kremer and Jake Buckwalter form the program-seasoned portion of the next tier of linebackers hoping to step in. Tom Madget is the corps’ only returning starter.

 Burrell (16 tackles last season) noticed a team-morale and chemistry jolt this offseason due to the first playoff berth in four seasons and more organized skill workouts the GISC made possible.  

“The whole morale’s different on the team,” Burrell said. “We’re in the facility practicing hard. Even before the coaches were there and it (wasn’t) mandatory. We were working hard together as a team. Everybody has a desire to win.”


This is my BABY!! 

Love you, Nicolas!

So Proud!!


More later…………….Sally 





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