Our Merry Christmas 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas time at our house was a great time this year.
Baby Michael looooved his new rocking horse that Santa left him!!
Every year I put something in all the kids and grandkids stockings that is crazy.  They expect it!  This year it was fake mustaches. 
Group Shot
Baby Gracyn saying “CHEESE”
Madison opening up her presents.
This year we went from the youngest to the oldest opening presents.
 We switch back and forth every year.
Nicolas showing off his take.
Kayli, Roy, Baby Michael, and Shafer 
Justin and Kamille
Grandpa Randy read the Christmas story from the Bible.
Grandma Stroup by the tree.
 She is 93 years old.
 What a woman.
 Non better.  
Looks like trouble down the road!!
Uncle Vic and Big Ran guarding the table!
Mom, Baby Michael and Molly, Uncle Vic’s dog.
Everybody wants a piece of that boy!
Everyone loves Uncca Nic.None of the love and happiness that we share would be possible if it weren’t for Jesus Christ Our Savour!
Thank you Jesus!!    

We switched up our traditions and had our unwraping on Christmas Eve.

Our Arkansas kids had to leave early Christmas day and we wanted to make a full day of it.

I sure did miss dad again this year.
But I am trying to carry on.
 I know he was smiling down on all of us.


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