Dishes For The Month Of January

Dishes For The Month Of January

I have a large collection of dishes.

I am not sure how it all began.
I have been collecting them since I left home and got my own place.
It started with crocks.
Then, slowly but surely, I have collected lots of different kinds of dishes.
I love them all.
I use them all.

                            These are my Jadite dishes.

Most of them are the Jane Ray pattern.
I have a few pieces of other patterns, Alice, Shell.
I have only been collecting jadite for a few years now, so I don’t have a lot of knowledge about it yet.

I just adore this little pedestal! 

My husband built these cabinets when we renovated the kitchen.
Originally I wanted this open shelving for my cookbooks.
Now I put my dishes that we use for the month in this nook so they are very easy to get to.
  My morning coffee.
See I told you I was using these dishes! 

More later………..Sally


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