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My Family

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Family

 I have an amazing family…
This is my mom.  She is an incredible woman.  No, that is not her wine glass.
This is my daughter, Kamille and her daughter, Baby Gracyn.  Her twin sister Kayli and her son, Baby Michael are in the backgound.
My son in law, Roy.  My daughter, Kayli.  My hubby, Randy.  My son, Nic.
Looks like everybody is having a good time!!
My son, Nicolas, doing what he does best!!   Hey, there is a picture of Kamille’s fiance, Justin.
My youngest daughter, Madison got in on a shot.
To say the least, I am very blessed. 
Sweet, sweet,  Baby Gracyn.  I think she’s asleep.
Howdy,  Pilgram!!!!
 Madison with my baby, Shafer.  Isn’t he so cute?!
Clean up time!
My daughter Kayli’s daughter,  Kennedy Ann in the window sill.
Sometimes, you just never know what will happen around our place!!
More later…………………………Sally


Big Ran (my hubby) and I are in Tampa, Florida for a few days.
He is at a conference and I am relaxing by the pool.
The weather is perfect here, 80 degrees.
We have been to the beach in Clearwater.
The sand there was white and felt like baby powder.
We are having a great time.
  Today we are going on a Trolly ride.
 Then I am going to get some shopping in.
  Life is good.

 More later………………………..Sally

My Thanksgiving Table

 Just Resting up

My Thanksgiving Table

I love getting all my Thanksgiving dishes out and making everything pretty.

I have gathered these dishes through the years and I love each every one of them!

I collect all kinds of dishes…transferware, depression glass, ironstone, jadite, fiesta, and several more.

I come by my collecting honestly, my mom and my grandma have collected for many more years than I have.

I used to think that they were crazy with all those dishes.

Now I think I am just a little crazy myself.

This is what my table looked like yesterday.

This is what it looks like today.

These turkeys are salt and pepper shakers

 All my place settings are different, LOVE IT!!

                                                                               My silverware is Bakelite.
  I would love to have more of this in all different colors.

 I even have some bakelite serving pieces.

 I love Ebay.

 Lots of different colors and patterns of depression glass.

 I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I have putting this together.

 More later……..Sally

Happy Veterans Day

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is a post I put on this blog three years ago.

I couldn’t be more proud today!!!

Happy Veteran’s Day

  Today is Veteran’s Day!!

  My husband is in the U. S.  Army Reserve.

  He has been enlisted for 29 years.

  I am very proud of him!

This is a picture of my husband with the Commanding General of the U. S. Army Reserve.

  My husband is on the right.

  From November 2007 to November 2008, he was stationed in Iraq, needless to say it was a very, very long year for both of us.

My Dad was also a Veteran.

He was in the U. S. Navy.

  He served in Cuba.

  There are so many things I could write about him, but for now I will just say he was an AMAZING AND LOVING MAN.

More later…………………………….Sally


Kamille said…

and very handsome. (I am talking about papa, butr so is Randy;-)November 11, 2010 5:45 PM


Pasta Of The Week  New Years Resolution is to cook more pasta.

I am going to cook pasta once a week and blog about it on here.
This is going to be a hard resolution to keep, but I’ll do my best!
Maybe I can keep my resolution for once!!
This is my first entry.
It is from The Pioneer Woman’s blog.
Pasta with Bacon and Mushrooms…to die for.

This is what you need.

Put 2T of olive oil in a pan.
Add 3 chopped slices of bacon.
Cook until crispy.
Take out of pan and set aside.

Slice your mushrooms or buy them sliced like I did.
Put them in the same pan that you just took the bacon out of.

Grate in your garlic like Rachael Ray and me or you can chop it up and add it to the pan.
Cook on high, stirring so they don’t stick, until they turn golden brown.
  About 3 minutes.

Add your chicken stock and let cook until the liquid has reduced by half.


Reduce heat to medium-low and add your half and half and the cream.
Stir it around.
It will get thicker and thicker.
Add the onion and the cheese (as much as you want).
Let that cook for a few minutes.
Add the bacon back in.
Add whatever spices that you want and of course salt and pepper.


Put the sauce in a large bowl with the pasta and give it a good stir to coat all the pasta.  More cheese!!!

YUM!!!  This is soooooooooooo good.Here is the recipe:2T Olive Oil
3 slices bacon, cut into pieces
3 cloves garlic
10oz white button mushrooms, sliced
1C chicken broth
1C half and half
1/4c heavy whipping cream
3 whole green onions, sliced
1/2C freshly grated parmesan cheese
salt and pepper to taste
1lb spaghettiCook pasta according to package directions.
In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat.
Add bacon pieces and cook.
Remove bacon and set aside.
Add mushrooms and garlic to pan.  Cook until golden brown.
Pour in the chicken broth.
Cook until liquid is reduced by half.
Reduce heat and add half and half and cream. 
Stir and allow to bubble and thicken for a couple of minutes.
Add sliced green onions and cheese.
 Cook for one more minute.
Add bacon back into the pan.
Put cooked pasta to a large bowl.
Add the sauce and stir together.
Sprinkle with more cheese.I know you will love this!!     


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