My Uncle Ted

This is just a small tribute to a wonderful man.

We laid my Uncle Ted to rest today.

He will never be forgotten!


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 More later………………Sally

I Got Stung

I don’t remember ever being stung before, but now that I have been stung, I will never forget!

I thought I had a fly on my right arm so I swiped it with my left hand and came away with a stinger in my finger!!!



This brings to mind a song………

Click on the link below.

 More later…………….Sally

Caldwell Reunion 2014

We have recently had our family reunion.

We always have an auction of things we all bring, canned goods, baked items, hand-made items, whatever you want to bring.

The Caldwell family is very talented.

My favorite auction item that I won this year was my Aunt Janice’s plum jelly.


It’s a great idea, we use the money from the auction to pay for the rental of the country club that we have our reunion in.

Of course the kids love the swimming.

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We always have a great time.

I still miss my Dad, I guess I always will!

More later…………………..Sally

1 Year Anniversary

This is my one year anniversary from being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Still kicking!



I know, I know, my hair looks ridiculous,

I’m a good 20 pounds overweight,

 a little rough for the wear,

but I’m still here!!

I’ve seen cancer at its worst too many times.

I feel very fortunate.

Thanks to God, my husband, my family, and my countless friends for pulling me through this long, long year!

With all that said, I have a mammogram scheduled for Friday.


More later………………….Sally





School Days

Today is the first day of school around here.

I have four going today.

From left to right, Gracyn is going to kindergarten, Kennedy is going to 2nd grade, and Michael is going to half day preschool.


Madison is headed out for her first day of her Junior year.


I know they will all have a great day!!

I can’t wait to hear all about it!

More later……….Sally


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